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Customers are free to choose product attribute combinations, add multiple products to the shopping cart at once, and customers freely decide to purchase certain product attribute combinations under the product bundle pack promotion&discount.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Promote your products
PrestaShop’s own product packaging promotion effect may not be what you really want. Our module provides another effect for product packaging promotion:
  • 1. The administrator selects some products as a package for sale in the place where the product was originally set up, without setting the specific product attribute combination (you can choose any one).
  • 2. The administrator turns on our module switch for the packaged product and selects "Yes"
  • 3. When the customer purchases the packaged product at the front desk, he will see all the attribute combinations of the packaged product. The customer is free to filter certain product attribute combinations or products for purchase, and add multiple products to the shopping cart in batches at once
  • 4. In the shopping cart list interface, you can also add products, modify products, and delete products twice.

The administrator only needs to set which products are packaged and promoted. As for which attribute combinations and quantity of the product the customer wants to choose for purchase, the right to choose is left to the customer himself, which better realizes the customer's inner expectations and better enhances the order transaction conversion rate.

What your customers will like

  • Customers are free to choose the attributes of packaged products
  • Add multiple products to the shopping cart at once
  • Customers are free to add, modify, and delete packaged products


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